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The Community Sign was placed into service in March of 2015 through the cooperative efforts of the Reese Area Chamber of Commerce, the Village of Reese, and the Reese Unity District Library.  These organizations are hereby known as the “Partners”.


Funding for the sign came from a $22,000 grant from the Frankenmuth Credit Union Community Foundation that was secured by the Reese Area Chamber of Commerce, a $10,000 contribution from the Village of Reese, and a $10,000 contribution from the Reese Unity District Library. 


The Partners manage the criteria and approve the message content for the Community Information Sign. The purpose of the Sign is to provide information to the public by allowing non-profit organizations, civic groups and churches to promote community activities and upcoming events.  In addition, individuals from the Reese area may have congratulatory messages posted such as “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Anniversary” and other similar messages.  The Partners are solely responsible for determining which organizations are eligible to participate in the Community Information Sign. If you are interested in posting a message please fill out the Message Request Form and return with payment to the Village of Reese. You can also few a full listing of the Policies and Procedures by clicking here.

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