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Here in the Village we are continually looking for ways to service our residents. We’ve already told you about email billing and auto-pay. Today we are happy to announce text notifications. The Village of Reese is now part of Smart911. By going to, you can sign up for an account and start receiving email, text and voice notifications not only from the Village of Reese but also from Tuscola County. Smart911 can also be a helpful tool to first responders in the event of an emergency. What are you waiting for? Sign up TODAY!

History of the Village of Reese
Welcome to the Village of Reese founded in 1873 made up of two communities at the time Gates Reese in Denmark Township, Tuscola County, Reese was first settled in 1865 when Mrs. Louisa Woodruff and her son Dan built the first house on land purchased from Jesse Hoyt. Two years later a Mr. Rogers built a house which he later converted into a hotel called the County Line House. The Saginaw-Watrousville plank road was under construction at that time and was opened to traffic in 1871. In 1872 Asenath M. Rogers platted 11 acres of land and named the village Gates, after A. W. Gates of Saginaw, the stage proprietor on the plank road. In 1873 the Detroit and Bay City railroad was built and Hudson B. Blackman platted another tract of land adjacent to Gates and named it Reese in honor of G. W. Reese the Railroad superintendent.
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